My mother, Magdalene, though oppressed, abused and denied the opportunity to go to school because she was a girl, became the best teacher I ever had. Her example taught me to value five priceless things which enabled me to survive the horrors of apartheid with my soul and humanity intact - empathy, education, forgiveness, hope and love.

I've sought to teach these five things, by example, to my  three children, Bianca, Nathan and Stanley, as the vital keys needed to unlocking our potential to becoming better human beings, to helping combat climate change, and to transforming planet earth into a better home for all, regardless of race, color,  religion, nationality, and sexual orientation. The best way to learn these five priceless things is to study and embrace the concept of Ubuntu, a Zulu word for our common humanity, which teaches that our survival is collective, and that we must share the planet with animals and plants.


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