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Exciting news for fans of my works. I'm serializing a thriller about race in America on Kindle Vella, Amazon's new and exciting platform for writers. The thriller is titled, IT CAN HAPPEN HERE, a take on the 1935 alternate history classic, IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE, by Sinclair Lewis, about an American Hitler-wannabe who foments fear and hate, denounces socialism and preaches a return to traditional values,  on the way to defeating Roosevelt in the 1936 presidential elections.

Very timely story with three remarkable female heroines. Check it out and spread the word. The first three episodes are free.

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Why has America become so polarized along political, racial and class lines? And why is this polarization growing worse? Lincoln once said, "A Nation Divided cannot Stand."  The Lessons Of Ubuntu, provides a clear roadmap of what individuals can do to help save America from the forces of hatred, division and chaos, and realize Dr. King’s dream of a united nation with freedom, justice and opportunity for all -  regardless of race, religion, color, creed or politics. 

The lessons of Ubuntu is the perfect companion to my best-selling  memoir Kaffir Boy, which won a Christopher Award for inspiring hope despite its unflinching portrayal of racism and its devastating effects on black lives, and was a finalist for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. The book has been published in more than a dozen languages,  and is on the American Library Association's List of Outstanding Books for the College-Bound and Lifelong Learners. For all who are eager to understand how hatred is taught, and the power of its antidote, empathy, The Lessons of Ubuntu and Kaffir Boy are a must read.

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